Golden crown D series tractors has delicate appearance and can be used in both dry and wet fields. It has nice dynamic performance, having 12 forwrd gears and 12 backward gears, convenient for driving, being widely used in ploughing, tilling and other tasks.

(Note: All current Changfa tractors of various series and models are manufactured by Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Company, in Changfa Industrial Park, Lijia Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Changzhou Changfa Imp. And Exp. Co., Ltd is the exporter of Changfa tractors, and also one subsidiary of Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Company, not a Distributor.)

High Operating Efficiency


Adopting Changfa diesel engine with imported oil injection system. Lower oil consumption, faster speeding up, more powerful, ahead of domestic competitors. Better matching ability, can provide integrated service guarantee.

Powerful Lifting Force

Adopting horizontal pusher-type lifter, larger lifting force can be as high as 1.4t.

High Capacity Fuel Tank

Adopting 70L large volume rotational moulding oil tank, can work continuously for more thab 10 hours, reducing cost on refueling and thus improving work effeciency.

Comfortable Operation

12+12 Shuttle Side Shift

Adopting shuttle shift with 12 forward gears and 12 backward gears, making it possible to transfer instantly between forward and backward through one shift, which will greatly improves the tractor's effeciency and operation convenience.

Large Operating Space

Fully considering users' convenience, adopting domestically leading suspended pedal, flat floor, optimised side located gear shift, larger operation space, which will greatly improves the tractor's effeciency and operation convenience.

Air Conditioning Driver's Cabin

Being equipped with air conditioning driver's cabin, broad sight when working in field, and can work all-weather. Better tightness prevents dust and soil from entering the cabin and thus ensure the clean and comfortable working environment.

Strong Adaptability & Easy Maintenance

The Stepless Adjustable Wheel Track

Fully considering users' requirement based on different plants and row space, developing stepless adjustable wheel track(1.2-1.5m or 1.3-1.6m), can match the requirement of all kinds of field tasks.

Optimising The PTO & Adjustable Hitching Device

Fully considering the need to use PTO and hitching device simultaneously and saperatedly located them. With adjustable traction device(optional), the PTO and Traction device can work at the same time without mutual disturbance.

Fully Sealed Front Driving Axle

Adopting uniquely developed fully sealed front driving axle and imported special oil seal, can efficiently prevent mud from entering. The tractor is therefore super durable and can be a perfect choice for paddy field tasks.

Engine model:CF4C60T-Z
Engine type:In-line、Water-cooled、 Four-stroke、Direct Injection
Engine Rated Output (KW):44.1
Rated Speed (r/min):2400
Wheel Base (mm):2100
Front Wheel Track(mm):1410~1710 (Usually1410)
Rear Wheel Track(mm):1300~1600(Usually1400)
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm):347
Rated Traction (kN):14.5
Tire Size(Front Wheel) (inch):8.3-24
Tire Size (Rear Wheel) (inch):14.9-28
Minimum Using Weight (kg):2420
Clutch:Dry Type、Single Disk、Constant Engaged、Double-action
Gearbox:12 Forward Gears + 12 Backward Gears,Engaging Sleeve
Center Transmission:
Final Drive:
Steering System:
Type of Brakes:Oil Bath、Double-disk、 Mechanically Controled
Driving Speed (km/h):12 Forward Gears + 12 Backward Gears,Engaging Sleeve
The Maximum Lifting Force at the Low Suspension Point of 610mm (kN):
Type of PTO Shaft:10.5/14
PTO Speed (r/min):540/760,Optional:540/1000

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